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Planetary Geophysics Lab

Colorado School of Mines
Department of Geophysics
Jeff Andrews-Hanna
Associate Research Prof.
Dept of Geophysics
Green Center, Rm 280K

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Space and Planetary Science and Engineering Area of Special Interest:
I am the director of the Area of Special Interest (an undergraduate concentration) in Space and Planetary Science and Engineering. This is a cross-departmental program covering the many aspects of engineering and science applied to problems beyond the Earth (astronomy, planetary science, space exploration, and more). (link)

GPGN 320 Continuum Mechanics (Spring):
This is an introduction to solid earth geophysics - the study of how the Earth works. Lectures provide a broad survey of all of the major topics in solid earth geophysics, including stress and strain, earthquakes and seismology, heat flow, fluid flow, volcanism, and more.

GPGN 475/575 Planetary Geophysics (Fall):
Thic class focuses focusing on the processes that drive the formation and evolution of the planets and moons of the solar system. A key focus will be to investigate how and why the planets differ, and to develop a quantitative understanding of the key processes that have shaped their surfaces and interiors. Contact me for more information.

GPGN 470/570 Applications of Remote Sensing
(Spring): This class covers theory and applications of remote sensing to the Earth and planets. Students learn to analyze and interpret remote sensing data through lectures, labs, and a final project.

GPGN 576 Special Topics in Planetary Science:
>his is a one credit hour weekly reading group. The topic will change each semester.
    Fall of 2014 topic: Venus
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