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Colorado School of Mines
Department of Geophysics
Jeff Andrews-Hanna
Associate Research Prof.
Dept of Geophysics
Green Center, Rm 280K

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I am no longer taking on new graduate students.

Why study planetary geophysics? This is an incredibly exciting time in the field. We are faced with enormous questions of the most fundamental nature regarding the evolution of all of the terrestrial planets, but we now have available to us an unprecedented amount of high quality data of all sorts. This enables us to make progress on problems that have gone unsolved for decades. Now is the best time to be a part of this exciting and growing field!

Why study planetary geophysics at the Colorado School of Mines? The Colorado School of Mines is one of the nation's leading geoscience and engineering schools, and has one of the top 10 geophysics programs in the country. In addition, the school has a long tradition of research in the fields of space exploration and resource utilization. Planetary science is a growing field, both in the university at large and here in the Department of Geophysics. Here you can get a top-notch education with access to experts in a wide range of fields, while still having the advantages of a small and close-knit department. Furthermore, at an elevation of 5800' above sea level, Mines is closer to Mars than any other institution offering advanced study in planetary science! Our colleagues at lower elevation institutions are wallowing beneath a thicker oppressive atmosphere, that leaves them feeling isolated and removed from the planets that they study.

What research and opportunities exist in the field of planetary science at Mines? There are a number of researchers studying various fields of planetary science here at the Colorado School of Mines:

Planetary Science in the Department of Geophysics
  Jeff Andrews-Hanna: Planetary geology, geodynamics, tectonics, and hydrology.
   Gary Olhoeft: Planetary geophysics; planetary environment simulation; E&M methods.
   Warren Hamilton: Tectonics; evolution of crust and mantle; geodynamics; Venus.

Research Centers
  The Center for Space Resources

Last updated: October 3rd, 2008