CBEN460 & CBEN461 Bioprocess Engineering & LAB

Instructor John Jechura
Class Semester
Class Location
Class Hours
Fall 2017
AH 330
Mon/Wed/Fri 2:00 pm to 2:50 pm
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Office Hours
AH 437
Mon 3:00 - 4:00, Tue & Thu 2:00 - 4:00,
Wed 1:00 - 2:00, & by appointment
Phone 303-273-3197
E-Mail Mines e-mail address
Syllabus (CBEN 460 Lecture)

Page Revisions

December 8.
Posted solution for Homework #11.
December 6.
Reposted solution for Homework #10 (fixed solution for the 1st problem to use 80 kg/week instead of 85 kg/week).
November 29. Posted solution for Homework #10.
November 27. Posted complete form of slides for Downstream Processing & posted solution to Quiz #6.
November 17. Posted Homework #11.
November 16. Posted solution to Homework #9. Posted Homework #10.
November 15. Posted draft notes for Unit Operations (drying & filtration).
November 13. Posted a corrected solution for Quiz #5 (the slope for half the rate was drawn incorrectly). Posted notes for fluid flow & heat transfer.
November 11. Posted solution for Homework #8 & Quiz #5.
November 3. Posted Homework #8 & #9. Posted correction to Homework #7 (dimensions for problem #2 were incorrect).
November 2. Posted solution for Homework #7.
October 25. Posted comments for Chapter 10.
October 18. Posted Homework #7.
October 17. Posted notes for productivity in batch & continuous reactors.
October 14. Solution for Homework #6 posted.
October 11. Solution for Homework #5 posted.
October 10. Created section for laboratory tasks.
October 9. Homework #6 revised - made additional option for 2nd problem. Posted Quiz #4. Posted comments on cell growth models.
October 6. Homework #6 revised - gave an optional problem.
October 4. Posted solution for Homework #4 & Quiz #3.
September 25. Posted notes for enzymes.
September 22. Posted solutions for Homework #3 & Quizzes #1 & #2. Posted statements for Homeworks #5 & #6.
September 20. Posted comments for Energy Balances.
September 18. Posted Homework #4 & supplemental information under the Energy Balance section.
September 15. Posted solution for Homework #2.
September 6. Posted revised instructions for Homework #2.
September 2. Posted Homework #2.
September 1.
Posted solution to Homework #1.
August 28. Posted notes for solving simultaneous linear equations & meaning of half reactions.
August 23. Posted Homework #1 & due date.
August 2017. Content initialized for Fall Semester.

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Lecture topic outline (associated chapters in text; supplemental text will be made available to class). 

Introduction & Basics
Engineering Principles

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Laboratory topics

Group assignments

Computer Labs
Wet Labs
  • Extraction of Essential Oils
  • Biodiesel production
  • Fermentation

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Extra instructor notes

Useful VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) code (notes for downloading):
The use of the VBA code is potentially limited depending upon which version of Microsoft Excel one is using.
Fundamental Conversion Factors

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Homework Assignments

Homework assignments are to be emailed to the instructor usually in spreadsheet (Excel) format. The following rules must be followed:
  • There is to be a summary page with all answers in the order & units requested. Values in the summary are not to be copied by values but rather linked to any additional pages where the calculations are actually performed.
  • All spreadsheets are to be self contained, i.e., there are to be no links to other spreadsheets.

A sample spreadsheet with the preferred format is here.

Due Date & Link to Problem Statement Topic & Link to Solution
#1 Thursday Aug 31 Stoichiometery
#2 Tuesday, Sept 12 Thu Sept 14 Material balances around bioreactors
#3Thu Sept 21Data analysis & regression
#4 Tue Oct 3 Energy Balances
#5Tue Oct 10Enzymes
#6 Fri Oct 13 Cell Growth
#7 Tue Oct 31 Wed Nov 1 Other bioreactor consideratios: scale up, sterilization, ...
#8 Fri Nov 10 Fluid flow
#9 Wed Nov 15 Heat transfer
#10 Tue Nov 28 Downstream processing, filtration, & drying
#11Thu Dec 7Downstream processing

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Quiz Date Topic & Link to Solution
#1Sept 6Stoichiometry
#2Sept 20Chemostat performance
#3Oct 2Model parameters from data
#4Oct 6Model parameters from data
#5Nov 10Productivity from chemostat
#6Nov 20Heat transfer

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Exam Date Link to Solution
#1Wed Oct 25Introduction & Basics
Final ExamTBD

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