CBEN472 Introduction to Energy Technologies

Instructor John Jechura
Class Semester
Class Location
Class Hours
Spring  2015
AH 330
Mon/Wed 6:00 - 7:15 pm
Office Location
Office Hours
AH 261
Mon/Wed 5:00 - 6:00 pm, after class, & by appointment
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Class notes (printable copies require password to open)

Class Overview (printable copy)

Introduction (printable copy)

Heat cycles, heat engines, & real devices (printable copy)

Electricity production-

Fossil Fuels
Hydrogen Production

Liquid fuels via gasification & catalytic synthesis (printable copy)

Solar (printable copy)

Biomass (printable copy)

Carbon Capture & Storage (printable copy)

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Extra instructor notes

Unit conversion factors (summary table)

Introduction to simulation

Pure component data (PureComponentData.xls) (spreadsheet)
Pure component data (GPSAData_13ed.xlsx)(spreadsheet)

Useful VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) code (notes for downloading):
The use of the VBA code is potentially limited depending upon which version of Microsoft Excel one is using.

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Homework Assignments

Homework assignments are to be emailed to the instructor usually in spreadsheet (Excel) format. The following rules must be followed:
  • The student's name is to be part of the file name.
  • There is to be a summary page with all answers in the order & units requested. Values in the summary are not to be copied by values but rather linked to any additional pages where the calculations are actually performed.
  • All spreadsheets are to be self contained, i.e., there are to be no links to other spreadsheets.

A sample spreadsheet with the preferred format is here.

Due Date & Link to Problem Statement Topic & Link to Solution
#1 TBD Combustion stoichiometry
#2 TBD Efficiency gasoline engine
#3 TBD Steam cycle efficiencies
#4 TBD Refrigeration loop
#5 TBD Coal combustion for power
#6 TBD Gas turbine efficiencies
#7 TBD Hydrogen production
#8 TBD Burner efficiencies & steam cycle calculations
#9 TBD CCGT & advanced steam cycle calculations
#10 TBD Petroleum derived fuels
#11 TBD Alternate fuels

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Quiz Date Topic & Link to Solution

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Individual Project

Directions for individual projects (presentation & written report). Presentation schedule below. Due date for paper TBD, 5:00 pm.

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Safety Topics

January 7th
Safety Culture

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Useful EXTERNAL Links

Crude Oil, Gasoline, & Heating Oil
Prices (Current, Opening, & Last Day):

Platts (provider of energy information):
  • Platts Nuclear energy
  • Platts Renewable energy price
  • Petrochemical News
  • Platts Coal spot price
  • Platts Electric Power Maps
  • Platts Crude Oil Prices
  • Platts Natural gas price
Requires email registration, but this will give you access to many more resources such as insights & analysis, job offerings, special reports, & more.

U.S. Department of Energy:

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
National Energy Technology Laboratories (NETL)

Environmental Protection Agency

    Safety Related Sites:
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