CBEN409 Petroleum Refining Processes

Instructor John Jechura
Class Semester
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Fall 2018
AH 140
Tue/Thu 11:00 am to 12:15 pm
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AH 437
Phone 303-273-3197
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2018. Class specific content moved to CANVAS.

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Lecture notes (associated chapters in text). Printable versions on CANVAS. Visitors, please contact instructor.


Refinery Feedstocks & Products (Chapters 2 & 3)

Crude Oil Distillation (Chapter 4) 

Bottom of the Barrel Processing: Coking & Thermal Processes, Hydroprocessing, & Solvent Deasphalting (Chapters 5 & 8)

Delayed Coking
(Chapter 5) 

Catalytic Cracking (Chapter 6)

Hydroprocessing: Hydrocracking & Hydrotreating (Chapters 7 & 9) 

Gasoline Upgrading: Reforming, Isomerization, & Alkylation (Chapters 10 & 11)

Supporting Processes (Chapter 13)

Blending & Optimization (Chapters 12 & 14)

Future? New feedstock sources, government mandates, CCS, renewable fuels ..

Using process simulation software

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Extra instructor notes

Useful VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) code (notes for downloading):

The use of the VBA code is potentially limited depending upon which version of Microsoft Excel one is using.

Fundamental Conversion Factors

Modeling petroleum systems with HYSYS:
Modeling petroleum systems with Aspen Plus® (from the Aspen Tech support web site):

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Homework Assignments

Assignments & solutions only posted on the CANVAS site.

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Quizzes & solutions only posted on the CANVAS site.

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Simulation Project

Simulation project memo. Project due no later than 6:00 pm Thursday, December 13, 2018. Questions answered through Saturday December 6, 11:59 pm.

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Safety Topics

Safety presentations only posted on the CANVAS site.

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Useful EXTERNAL Links

Crude Oil:

Refined Products -- Gasoline, & Heating Oil:
Retail Gasoline Prices:
Petroleum Technology Companies:

Petroleum Companies:

Industry Groups:

Industry News Services, Journals, & Magazines:

Refining Technical Topics:

Social Networks:
U.S. Department of Energy:

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Safety Related Sites:
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