Bond Explorer

Mathematica CDF Player

You will need Mathematica's CDF Player Plugin, availble for free below.

The CDF player does not seem to be working in Chrome. If you can't get the App to work in Chrome try another browser (such as Firefox or Safari). Or you can download the file here (right-click and select "Save Link As..."). 

This application allows you to choose two second row elements (lithium -> neon) and view the electron
density shared between the atoms.

There are two performance settings: speed and quality. When you want to choose/change any of the
input variables make sure to set the performance setting to speed. Once you have all of the variables
set, change the performance to quality to see how these atoms share electron density (note: you'll
have to wait 10-20 seconds for the plot to generate - which can feel like a lifetime).

Once you have a density plot, you can use your mouse to rotate the molecule and view the charge
density from any angle. Play around with the variables and explore how different atoms have different
distributions of charge density. Just remember to change performance back to speed before tuning
the parameters for best results.