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Jonathan Miorelli,  Ph.D.

  • Molecular Theory Group
  • Department of Chemistry and Geochemistry
  • Colorado School of Mines
    Golden, CO 80401


I currently work as a post-doc in the Molecular Theory Group as part of the Chemistry department at the Colorado School of Mines. My research centers around how the principles of quantum physics give rise to observed chemical and material properties. I received my bachelor's degree from the Metropolitan State University of Denver where I double majored in chemistry and physics. 

Prior to coming to the School of Mines, I worked with CU Denver's Upward Bound program where I developed and taught high school level chemistry and physics courses. From Fall of 2012 through Summer of 2015 I worked with the Trefny Institute. Initially I assisted with math and science outreach and instruction at Skinner and Englewood Middle Schools (7th and 8th grade). Following that, I worked as the Trefny Institute's research assistant where I analyze the impact of STEM outreach on both students as well as faculty.

Currently I'm working on developing computational-chemistry focused course materials for lower-division chemistry courses (e.g. general and organic chemistry), including a new bond visulation tool intended for introductory chemistry, called bond explorer - an interactive Mathematica CDF Applet that allows student to visualize the charge density of diatomic molecules and actually see differences in chemical bonds in real space!


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Click the above link to find various teaching materials developed through both work with the Trefny Institute as well as the Department of Chemistry and Geochemistry at CSM.

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