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    Bond Explorer!

    Below are links to the Bond Explorer App. Part 1 allows you to build a diatomic molecule and view the 3D charge density. Part 2 contains actual contour plots calculated for real molecules, so you can clearly see differences between bonding types. 

    Lesson Plans

    Below are basic outlines for some of the lesson plans I've helped implement as part of the Trefny Institute

    Useful Links

    Students and teachers will (hopefully) find the following links helpful 

    • Google Sky - Google Sky lets you explore the parts of the universe visible from planet Earth.
    • Kahn Academy - The Kahn Academy is a not-for-profit 
    • - Explore the wonders of symmetry and inversion using simple to build paper models. A great place for recreational mathematics.

    General Philosophy

    I feel that my primary goal as a science educator is to help others to learn how to utalize the powerful thinking tools inherent to science. By coupling the unshakable foundation of empirical observation with the logic and elegance of mathematics I feel that one can make the world not only a more rational place but a more beautiful one as well.

    Currently I have the privilege of working as a graduate fellow for the Trefny Institute for Educational Innovation. The goal is to help increase both proficiency and excitement in STEM fields for elementary and middle school children in the greater Denver metro area.


    I don't speak for CSM or the Trefny Institute in any official capacity, if you have any issues with the material on this page feel free to contact me directly.