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About Me

Hi, My name is Jon.

I am an Engineering, Mechanical specialty, student at the Colorado School of Mines (CSM). I will be graduating in May 2016.

Learning, designing, and working with my hands are my passion. I love to work on projects combining programming, machine and mechanical design of all sorts. I am interested in manufacturing, materials, and earth and space exploration.

Other research topics that interest me include piezoelectricity, synesthesia, and feedback technology. I also try to keep up with new technology for batteries and electric propulsion systems.

I want to...

...design and build a vehicle (flying, riding, autonomous, I haven't decided yet!
...design and produce my own toy.
...build a home-manufacturing setup.
- Aluminum Melt Forge
- CNC machine
...visit interesting places.
- North Korea
- The Dead Sea
- Antarctica
- Space
- Mariana Trench

I dream of...

...starting an international crime syndicate.
...taking over a small—$320 billion~ GDP—country.


...building a super secret superhero awesome-costume.
- Power Gloves
- Power Boots
- Power Belt
- Power Helmet
- Jet. Pack.
...fighting crime.
- Pew Pew, KAPOW!

I am a designer.

I have experience in design for all aspects of mechatronics: I create parts and draw blueprints, in SolidWorks and AutoCAD respectively, and have experience writing code. For general programming, I have experience with C++ and Java.

During high school, I learned to use AutoCAD and Inventor. In my senior year, I drew up the electrical and plumbing blueprints for an addition to the Lakewood Medical Office in Colorado. At CSM, I learned aspects of AGILE coding and SolidWork's finite element analysis.

I also enjoy creating T-Shirt graphic designs in GIMP and InkScape. Some of my work is posted in the projects section. Most of it is school org related work. I also like sketching concept designs of my what-if home and interesting furniture.

I am a writer.

To unwind, I love to write and I'm in the process of writing my first novel! I also enjoy making silly (i.e, terrible) poetry and (even more terrible) raps about my friends. My vocal control is pitiful so I never, ever, ever, read my work out loud a-la slam despite enjoying the rap and slam scene quite a bit.

I am a poet.
A crappy haiku machine.
But, still, a poet.

I am a gamer.

During high school, I played Defence of the Ancient (All-Stars edition) with team Live Seven Seconds (L7s) in the CAL-IM division under the now-defunct Cyber Athlete Professional League (CPL). Currently, I play semi-casually with friends and family on League of Legends.

I also play a variety of board, card and social games. Recently (past year), I've played Chess, Go, Othello, Settlers of Catan, 13/High Two, Dominion, The Resistance, Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre, Werewolf, Mafia, Viking, Zoo, and Signs. I'm always interested in trying new things!

I am an outdoor enthusiast.

I enjoy hiking, swimming, bouldering, camping, and snowboarding. However, I do not in-the-slightest enjoy biking or running and I am the slowest snowboarder you may ever see. I like stargazing and just seeing nature. I drove a jet ski, tried kayaking (success), and also tried water skiing (not-so-success). Most recently, I hiked my first 14er, Mt. Bierstadt, with a group of friends.