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Current Projects

This section is a WIP

Cardboard Boat

For our 2012 school festival, E-Days, my friends and I formed a team, TRANsportation (as the majority of the team's last names were Tran), to compete in the cardboard boat race. We built it over the course of a week and, unfortunately, did not think to apply our engineering expertise; during the race, our boat sunk rather ingloriously.

Cardboard Boat Cardboard Boat Cardboard Boat Cardboard Boat


This section is a WIP

Barcode Scanner

The Antarctic Barcode Scanner (ABS) is a senior design project commissioned by Lockheed Martin. Our team was requested to create an ergonomic, durable, and functional barcode scanner for Lockheed Martin to be used in the South Pole and McMurdo stations in Antarctica.

The following are samples from the product design process (customer needs analysis, reverse engineering, brainstorming, design, and testing):

Customer Needs Analysis Reverse Engineering Brainstorming Design Design Render UNVACO testing

If you are interested in the full design process or have any questions, feel free to contact me regarding this project.

T-Shirt Designs

I enjoy design in all forms, especially graphic design! I make T-shirt designs because interesting elements can be incorporated into designs and style can vary so greatly. Many of these are commissioned pieces for events and have actually been produced! If you hang around the Colorado School of Mines campus, you may see a design or two.

LNY 2011 Front Engineering Your Life Marvin Miner World