Photo of Jason Porter


Assistant Professor
Mechanical Engineering Department
Colorado School of Mines
Golden, CO 80401
Tel: (303) 273-3683


Brigham Young University, B.S., 2003
The University of Texas at Austin, M.S., 2005
Stanford University, Ph.D., 2010

Research Interests

Dr. Porter's research can be broadly grouped into two efforts: 1) developing optical diagnostics for in-situ detection and control of complex energy conversion technologies, and 2) studying fundamental transport and chemical kinetics for improved efficiency and reduced pollution in energy conversion. Technologies studied include: room-temperature ionic liquids, sodium-ion batteries, diesel spray combustion, gasification, steam-methane reforming, PEM fuel cell manufacturing, and solar photovoltaic manufacturing. A significant research focus is in gasification of biomass, coal, and waste streams to produce syngas - a potentially much cleaner process than direct combustion. A laboratory-scale high-pressure entrained-flow gasifier serves as a test bed for many fundamental gasification studies, including two current projects studying char gasification kinetics and hydrogen separation membranes.

Curriculum Vitae