Ballistic Imaging

  • Using picosecond laser pulses to image the primary breakup processes in high-injection pressure diesel sprays.
  • PI: Terry Parker
  • Student: Sean Duran
  • Sponsor: Army Research Office

Hydrogen Separation from Coal-Derived Syngas

  • Generating syngas from coal in the CSM gasifier to produce a pure hydrogen stream using membrane separators.
  • Student: Madison Kelley
  • Sponsor: Praxair/Department of Energy

Char Gasification Kinetics

  • Studying char reaction rates in steam at high temperature and pressure.
  • Collaboration with Prof. Greg Rieker at CU Boulder
  • Student: Madison Kelley
  • Sponsor: National Science Foundation

Carbon Sensor

  • Solid-state sensor to detect coke formation on nickle catalysts in steam-methane reforming.
  • Collaborators: Prof. Neal Sullivan
  • Students: Jeffrey Wheeler, Najmus Saqib
  • Sponsor: Slater Family Research Fund

Optical Diagnostics for Ionic Liquids

Optical Diagnostics for Sodium-Ion Batteries

  • Applying UV/VIS and infrared specroscopy and diagnostics to an optically accessible sodium-ion battery to study transport in the liquid electrolyte at elevated temperature.
  • Collaborators: Prof. Robert Kee
  • Student: Jeffrey Wheeler
  • Sponsors: Sandia National Laboratories, DOE Office of Electricity

Metal Vapor Optical Diagnostics


Thermal Transport in Ceramic Fiber Insulation

  • Modeled heat transfer in high porosity ceramic fiber insulation.
  • Student: Nicholas Lumley
  • Sponsor: MTI

Wastewater Sludge Gasification

  • Developed thermal-systems model for thermal conversion of wastewater sludge to energy.
  • Collaborators: Prof. Tzahi Cath
  • Student: Nicholas Lumley
  • Sponsor: ReNUWIt

Thermal Imaging of Defects in Fuel Cell Manufacturing

  • Developed thermal imaging approach to defect detection in a PEM fuel cell manufacturing process.
  • Collaborators: Michael Ulsh, Guido Bender
  • Student: Daniel Bittinat
  • Sponsor: NREL