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Over the Fall of 2012 we welcome the completion of two great Ph.D. Theses! Chuck Pepe-Raney successfully defended his thesis entitled, "Microbial Diversity of a Modern Stromatolite Analog in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming in the Context of Microbial Alpha and Beta Diversity along Yellowstone Geothermal Outfalls" and is moving on to a postdoc position at Cornell University. Chase Willamson successfully defended his thesis entitled, "An Investigation of Microbial Diversity and Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion in Automotive Fuel Environments" and is moving on to a postdoc position at Northern Arizona University. Both of these projects have been wonderful to work on and think about over several years. The best thing for Chuck and Chase is that they are now Dr.'s! Congratulations!

In August of 2012 we welcome the completion of Phylicia Saner's Masters Thesis entitled, "Microbial Analysis of the Niobrara Formation for Microbially Enhanced Oil Recovery and Contaminant Tracing Application." This geobiologically focused and relevant thesis examined the subsurface microbiota associated with the Niobrara formation and was made possible with the combined efforts of Phylicia working with Shannon Ulrich. Phylicia is on her way to Occidental Petroleum--congratulations to Phylicia!

In May of 2012 we welcome the completion of Jackson Lee's Ph.D. Thesis, "A Molecular Biology Approach to the Study of Single Cell Protein Produced from Brewery Wastewater." Congratulations Dr. Jackson Lee!! Jackson has started a postdoc at NASA Ames, Moffat Field, California working with Dr. Brad Bebout.

Read a Feature Story in the Winter 2012 Mines Magazine, "Engineering on a Grand Scale with the Smallest of the Small," ( an accompanying editorial by Nick Sutcliffe, Editor of Mines Magazine ( and a Podcast of John Spear's featured talk of his research group's work (

A comment from Spear, who works with heavy metals, radionuclides and their interaction with microbes, on the subject of radionuclides found in southern Colorado drinking water can be found at (

Read a feature story on John Spear from Colorado School of Mines newspaper, The Oredigger, “John Spear, an Active Engineer."

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