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Kennda Lynch

PhD Candidate
Spear Research Group, Geo-Environmental Microbiology (G.E.M.) Laboratory
Civil & Environmental Engineering

A Little Bit About Me

Greetings and welcome to my site! I'm a midwest kid and grew up in a town just outside of Chicago, Illinois.

After getting my bachelor's degree at the University of Illinois and prior to coming to CSM for my PhD I was a systems engineer at NASA Johnson Space Center where I've worked on the International Space Station Program developing habitation hardware for space station astronauts. I've also worked with the Astromaterials & Exploration Science Directorate as a research engineer and helped to develop prototype life & habitability detection instruments for future planetary exploration missions.

After a lot of time in the heat and humidty of Houston, Texas I am really enjoying mountain life here in Colorado. I've become a avid snowboarder and I get outside to the trails with my dog, Melbourne, whenever I can.

About My Research

My research focus is in astrobiology and specifically I study the habitability of extreme environments on Earth and I work to develop tools that will help future NASA exploration missions quantify the habitability of other planetary surfaces. To learn more detail about my research please visit my research page.

Education and Outreach

I'm very involved in developing the space community and STEM education. I was a teaching assistant and engineering learning assistant for the college of engineering at University of Illiois, CU Boulder, and now at the School of Mines. I'm currently serving as a NASA Student Ambassador and I am a fellow in the Bechtel K-5 Educational Initiative. To find out more about these programs please visit my EPO page.

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