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Selected Presentations


2017 Tau Beta Pi District 12 Regional Convention Keynote

The Socially Responsible Engineer (1.4MB)


2014 Plenary at Resilience Week 2014

A Dynamic Network Perspective on Resilient Control (6MB)


Interview Talk: CSM Dean of College of Engineering and Computational Sciences

Background and Vision (7MB)


2011 Keynote at 18th International Conference and Workshops on Engineering of Computer-Based Systems:

Consensus in Networks: Coordination and Control of CyberPhysical Systems from Unmanned Vehicles to Energy-Efficient Buildings (Sorry! 50MB download)


2010 MSC Workshop:

Modeling, Analysis, and Design of Repetitive Processes and Iterative Learning Control Systems


2009 ANNIE Plenary Lecture:

On the History, Accomplishments, and Future of the Iterative Learning Control Paradigm


IFAC 2008 Invited Session Keynote Lecture:

A Tutorial Introduction to Autonomous Systems


Arimoto 70th Birthday Symposium Lecture, 2006


IEEE ICMA Talks, 2006


ILC Tutorial Workshop


          Part 1: Introductory Tutorial

          Part 2: Optimal Design

          Part 3: Applications

          Part 4: Robust Design

          Final Remarks


Plenary Presentation (30MB): Towards Autonomous Systems: From Control Systems to Intelligent Control to Intelligent Behavior Generation to Cooperative Autonomy