GEGN 598 - Hydrology Seminar Fall 2015

Climate Change and Water Management in the Western US 

Date Topic
Discussion Leader
Aug 25

Sep 1
Milly et al. (2008)
Lins and Cohn (2011)
Mary Michael
Sep 8
Global Climate Modeling
Taylor (2013)
IPCC (2014): Summary for policy makers*
Sep 15
Historical Trends
Das et al. (2009)
Sep 22
Mountain Warming
Oyler et al. (2015)
Sep 29
Detection and Attribution
Barnett et al. (2008)
Pierce et al. (2008)
Oct 6
Andreadis and Lettenmaier (2006)
Cook et al. (2015)
Oct 13
California Drought
Williams et al. (2015)
Oct 20
Fall Break

Oct 27
Taylor et al. (2012)
Scanlon et al. (2012)*
Nov 3
Federal Management
Brekke et al. (2009): Chapters 4-6
Nov 10
Vicuna and Dracup (2007)
Nov 17
Colorado River
Vano et al. (2014)
Nov 24
Vogel et al. (2011)
Meehl et al. (2004)*
Dec 1
Decision Scaling
Brown et al. (2012)
Mary Michael
Dec 8
Smith and Stern (2011)
      * Does not need to be included in write up

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