Lawrence Wiencke... Some Research Tools
CLF-Auger                   Central Laser Facility at Auger Observatory
                                        (Lab Tests of Beam Steering Reference Switches) Web-Page
                                        (photos) 7/03-Install | 9/03-Fiber | 8/04-Work-Trip |
Steerable Laser             Steerable Laser System for Atmosphic Monitoring (HiRes) (Paper - pdf format)
STS                              Shooting Lasers at Cosmic-Ray Air Showers
Distant Laser                 Laser System to Study Reach of HiRes Air Shower Aperture
Xenon Flashers              Radio Controlled Xenon Flasher Devices for Atmospheric Monitoring at HiRes (Paper - pdf format)
Fiber Calibration            Fiber Optic Calibration system for HiRes Detector (paper - ps format)
GPSY                            Device for synchronizing a YAG laser to absolute GPS time (paper - pdf format)
GPSY2                            Next Generation version of the GPSY (paper - pdf format)
Embedded-Linux           Single Board Computer (PC104, 5 watts 11 serial ports)
Useful_Computer_links           Linux, PAW, programming, ports, from ElectronicsII/Computer Interfacing Course)