Mark T. Lusk

Professor of Physics
Colorado School of Mines


Research Overview:

My research group investigates the basic nature of light-matter interactions and explores ways of using this knowledge to advance science. Our focus lies at the nexus of several traditional physics disciplines: topological quantum electrodynamics (QED), quantum information science (QIS), condensed matter (CM) physics, singularity optics, and atomic/molecular/optical (AMO) physics. We meld QED and many-body field theory to study photon-exciton-phonon dynamics in both weakly and strongly coupled settings. These investigations always have their roots in theoretical analysis but sometimes lead to the use of high-performance computing to produce quantitative predictions and insights. I am also interested in the ontological foundations of quantum mechanics.


California Institute of Technology
Ph.D. Applied Mechanics, 1992

Colorado State University
M.S. Electrical Engineering, 1988

Navy Nuclear Power School
U.S. Navy's one-year training program in nuclear engineering, 1984

U.S. Naval Academy
B.S. Electrical Engineering, 1982



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Center Affiliation: Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute, RASEI

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