How to prepare the final report

Please use the following guidelines.

1. Please prepare the report using a report format, a memo format (addressed to your mentor), or the format of a journal paper, as you please. If you choose a journal format, please follow the AIP Style Manual (see Written Presentation on PHGN 471 Home Page) unless you have a specific journal in mind.  Note that AIP is not the same as APS.  Pleeeease limit the report to 6 pages or so of single-spaced, 12-pt type, not counting figures, tables, and references (or 12 pages of double-spaced, 12-pt type).  If there are several authors, add approximately 3 pages per author and identify the authors of each subsystem.  If you need to submit more detail to your project adviser, please submit that material to your project adviser as an appendix, but do not submit it to the course adviser.

2.  Introduction or Objective.

(a) Please begin with a statement of the purpose of the paper.
(b) Give background material and literature search next.
(c) Fit your project into the larger project of which it is a part.
(d) If you were a member of a team, show how your project fits in with the overall goal of the team.
3. Theory and Procedures (you need not use these headings specifically).  Please make sure that the report details
(a) Specifications and constraints imposed by the sponsor or the project adviser.
(i) A specification is a precise statement specifying materials, dimensions, quality of work, and other details.
(ii) A constraint is a statement, generally less precise than a specification, of prohibitions or boundaries, such as minimal pollution or cost not exceeding a certain value.
(b) Consideration of alternative solutions
(c) Feasibility of your design
(d) Detailed description of the system
(e) Any related engineering you had to do
(f) Cost analysis
4. Results  (including Observations).  Analyze and interpret your results.

6. Conclusions (or Discussion).  Please draw firm conclusions and detail exactly what you did or did not accomplish. Make suggestions for future work, if appropriate (it probably is).  Do not introduce new information into the Conclusions section.

5. Please include a section on any of the following, as appropriate, or work these themes into your paper. If you prefer, make these topics the subjects of appendixes, rather than work them into the body of the paper.  Not all of these factors will apply to every paper.

Economic factors
Safety (what safety factors did you consider when performing the work?)
Environmental impact
Social impact, including relevance to teaching
6. For further information, see other links on the PHGN 471 Home Page.