How to write a resumé
Annotated example:

                                                    David Young
                                                    1 Seaward Avenue
                                                    Glen Cove, NY 11524

Six years' experience in computer sales and service
Author of published computer program
Within categories use reverse chronological order:
EDUCATION. University of Colorado, majoring in math and French, 1985-now. Plan to graduate December 1989. Current grade-point average, 3.4/4.0.
EXPERIENCE. User Friendly Computers, part-time salesman and instructor of courses in Operating Systems, Word Processors, 1988-now. Computer Works, part-time salesman, 1987-1988. The Apple Polisher, a teachers' grade-book program published in 1987 by ....
ADDITIONAL SKILLS. Familiarity with Apple, IBM, and Atari computers [OK, it's an old resumé]; Microsoft QuickBASIC, assembly language, and FORTRAN; WordPerfect and dBase.
HONORS. Colorado State Science Fair, second place in Engineering and three Special Awards for [name of project], 1985.
REFERENCES. Mr. Geoffrey Gordon, [address, telephone number] ....
Speaking of references
REFERENCES available upon request. Yuck!
Supply 2 or 3 references
Writing style
Responsible for organizing undergraduate laboratories; supervised faculty of 7.


I was responsible for organizing the undergraduate laboratories and supervised a faculty of 7.

Page layout
Personal data
but do not include  
How to write a cover letter
                                                    Your address
                                                    Date, 4 (ugh) inches to the right

Recipient's address

Dear Dr. Recipient:

Please consider this letter and my resumé as an application for the position of Applied Physicist, which you advertised in the Boulder Daily Chimera. I will graduate in May of this year from the Engineering Physics Department of the Colorado School of Mines with an average of A- in my physics and engineering courses. Specifically to the position, I have experience in [blah, blah].

[See GWE for more and more-extensive examples]

I am available for an interview at almost any time that is convenient for you and your associates. You may reach me by phone at 303-xxx-yyyy or by e-mail at I'll look forward to hearing from you.


                                                    Susan Student

Color printing
Card stock
Except maybe make a nice letterhead for yourself:
Arthur K. Young, M. S. W., Ph. D.
1 Seaward Avenue
Glen Cove, N. Y. 11524
Protective coloration
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