Quantum Materials and Devices

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Our research spans from exploring basic Physics in reduced dimensionality systems to building novel devices for applications. From a fundamental Physics standpoint, small is often different. A prime example of this is the difference between the quantum and the classical worlds. We seek to gain fundamental understanding of quantum effects and other novel Physics at nanoscales. Charge, spin and thermal transport measurements performed at low-temperatures in our lab offer a versatile probe into these properties. The unique insights uncovered by these studies are used to guide material and device design for different applications.

Ongoing projects include measuring speed limits of quantum entanglement, thermoelectric effects at cryogenic temperatures, and the impact of phonon engineering on spin relaxation and decoherence.

We are always looking for motivated undergraduate and graduate students to join our group. The best time to contact me if you are intersted in working in the group is February for undergrads and September through November for graduate students.

Group News

  • Honored to receive NSF's CAREER award (Feb 2021).
  • Our paper appeared today in of PRX Quantum! LINK This was part of three Quantum roadmaps paper, a new article type for APS, of which our three are the first examples.
  • Our work on developing an on-chip mask-free thermometer sensitive down to 8 milliKelvin was published in Carbon (LINK).
  • Our user proposal related to gate defined quantum dots was accepted at CINT, Sandia National Lab (June 2020).
  • Congratulations to Joel Howard for winning the NSF QISE-NET Triplets Fellowship (February 2020). Our Triplets partner is Dave Pappas, NIST Boulder. 
  • Mines received an NSF MRI award for an Attocube variable field cryostat with transport measurement and magnetic force microscopy capabilities (August 2019).
  • Our group ran modules on lithography and thermal transport at the Rocky Mountain Camp for Dyslexic Middle School Children (July 2019). Read more about the activities here: 10.25676/11124/173099 and 10.25676/11124/173082

Current Projects

  • NSF: Thermoelectric Effects in Superconductor Ferromagnet Hybrids
  • PI: Meenakshi Singh
    Institutions: CSM

  • NSF: RAISE-TAQS: Entanglement and information in complex networks of qubits
  • PI: Zhexuan Gong, Lincoln Carr, Meenakshi Singh, Cecilia Diniz Behn
    Institutions: CSM

  • Lockheed Martin: Quantum Annealing Determination of Interaction Parameters for Improved DFT
  • PIs: Geoff Brennecka, Nitin Kumar, Meenakshi Singh
    Institutions: CSM

  • CERC: Nanoscale hybrid materials for magnetocaloric refrigeration
  • PIs: Jose de la Venta, Meenakshi Singh
    Institutions: Colorado State University, CSM