Quantum Materials and Devices

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Our research spans from exploring basic Physics in reduced dimensionality systems to building novel devices for applications. From a fundamental Physics standpoint, small is often different. A prime example of this is the difference between the quantum and the classical worlds. We seek to gain fundamental understanding of quantum effects and other novel Physics at nanoscales. Charge, spin and thermal transport measurements performed at low-temperatures in our lab offer a versatile probe into these properties.

The unique insights uncovered by these studies are used to guide device design for different applications. We are especially interested in exploring materials and devices that can aid in developing alternative computing paradigms in a post-Moore, post-Dennard world.

Group News

  • Congratulations to Kirsten Blagg and George Smith! Both were runners up in the 4th Front Range Advanced Magnetics Symposium (FRAMS 2018) poster competition.
  • George Smith recorded a video for the undergraduate research recruitment effort.
  • Our Oxford Triton is set to arive in the first week of April.
  • Congratulations to Kirsten on winning the best poster ward at APS Four Corners 2017!

Current Projects

  • NSF: Thermoelectric Effects in Superconductor Ferromagnet Hybrids
  • PI: Meenakshi Singh
    Institutions: CSM

  • NSF: RAISE-TAQS: Entanglement and information in complex networks of qubits
  • PI: Zhexuan Gong, Lincoln Carr, Meenakshi Singh, Cecilia Diniz Behn
    Institutions: CSM

  • Lockheed Martin: Quantum Annealing Determination of Interaction Parameters for Improved DFT
  • PIs: Geoff Brennecka, Nitin Kumar, Meenakshi Singh
    Institutions: CSM

  • CERC: Nanoscale hybrid materials for magnetocaloric refrigeration
  • PIs: Jose de la Venta, Meenakshi Singh
    Institutions: Colorado State University, CSM