Photo of Nick Fisher

Nick Fisher

  • Mathematics & Statistics
  • Colorado School of Mines
    Golden, CO 80401


  • AA Philosophy, Southwestern College ('08)
  • BA Philosophy, Humboldt State University ('12)
  • BA Mathematics, Humboldt State University ('12)
  • MS Applied Mathematics (with a concentration in dynamical systems and chaos), San Diego State University ('14)
  • PhD Candidate, Computational and Applied Mathematics, Colorado School of Mines


  • Numerical Analysis, PDE Constrained Optimization, Dynamical Systems


  • In the past, I have worked on biomedical image processing projects. Specifically, I developed procedures for automated region of interest detection and the segmentation of H&E stained histology samples. Outside of applied math, I am quite interested in logic, mathematical logic, and the philosophy of mathematics.


  • N. Fisher and B. Bialecki, The solution to Poisson's equation with Neumann boundary condistions by orthogonal spline collocation, In preparation.
  • N. Fisher and B. Bialecki, Extrapolated ADI Crank-Nicolson orthogonal spline collocation for coupled Burgers' equations, Submitted.
  • B. Bialecki and N. Fisher, Maximum norm convergence analysis of extrapolated Crank-Nicolson orthogonal spline collocation for Burgers' equation in one space variable, (2018), Journal of Difference Equations and Applications, DOI: 10.1080/10236198.2018.1512981.