Sep. 2015 The REU program for Advanced Polymer Materials at both Chemical Engineering and Chemistry Departments CSM has been funded by National Science Foundation.

May 2015 Fuduo defended his Ph.D. thesis successfully. Congratulation!

Mar. 2015 Sijia and Chixia became the first two Ph.D. graduated from our group. Exciting moment for both of them and Prof. Wu.

Jan 2015 We welcome Kelley Heatley joining our group for her Ph.D. study.
Dec 2014 Prof. Wu received the CAREER award from National Science Foundation to support his research "In- and out-of-equilibrium behavior of colloidal clusters with broken symmetries".
Nov 2014 Fuduo won the third place in Poster Competition at 2014 American Electrophoresis Society (AES) Annual Meeting, for his research in the directed-assembly of anisotropic particles under AC electric fields.