"Science is the only news ... Human nature doesn't change much; science does, and the change accrues, altering the world irreversibly."
- by Stewart Brand

Sep. 2015: Led by Prof. Stephen Boyes, our proposal "REU site: Advancing Polymer Materials by Integrating Chemistry and Chemical Engineering" has been selected for funding by NSF.

Jun. 2015:
We welcome Kelly Mckenzie (University of Arkansas) joining the group for the REMRSEC-REU program.

May 2015:
Fuduo successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis. Congratulation, Dr. Ma! 

May 2015:
Sijia and Chixia attended the hooding ceremony. Congratulations, Dr. Wang and Dr. Tian! We wish you all the best. 

Jan. 2015:
We welcome Kelley Heatley joining the group for her Ph.D. study.

Dec. 2014: Prof. Wu received the CAREER award from National Science Foundation, entitled "In- and Out-of-Equilibrium Behavior of Colloidal Clusters with Broken Symmetries". 

Nov. 2014: Fuduo won the third place in Poster Competition at 2014 American Electrophoresis Society (AES) Annual Meeting.

Aug. 2014: Prof. Wu joins the International Advisory Panel as a founding member for the journal "Materials Research Express", a new journal launched recently by the Institute of Physics (IOP).

July 2014:
Sijia and Fuduo participated in the Rocky Mountain Camp for Dyslexic Kids, organizing and leading science lessons for the students for 2 weeks.

Jun 2014: We hosted 10 high school students at Mines for the Research Experience for Pre-Collegiate Students (REPS) program, led by both Prof. Wu and Prof. Maupin.
Jun. 2014: We welcome Pornsuda Pongtanee (Kasetsart University, Thailand), Julie Tomasi (Michigan Technological University), Frank Youmbi (Saint Francis University), and Theresa Saenz (Purdue University) joining the group for the Advanced Polymer and REMRSEC REU programs.

May 2014: Congratulation to Fuduo! He has been selected to contribute an oral presentation in the AIChE MESD-Polymers Excellence in Graduate Polymer Research honorary session (08A18) during the 2014 AIChE Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA. 

Mar. 2014: Congratulation to Sijia and Fuduo! Their papers have been recently published in the journals ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces and Langmuir, respectively.

Jan. 2014: We welcome Jingjing Gong, Yang Guo, Tao Yang, and Xingfu Yang joining the group for their Ph. D studies.

Jan. 2014: We welcome Cory Cline, Richard Ortiz, and Taylor Peters joining the group for undergraduate research.
Sep. 2013: Collaborated with Prof Keith Neeves, Prof. Xiaolong Yin, and researchers from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, our proposal "The Impacts of Pore-scale Physical and Chemical Heterogeneities on the Transport of Radionuclide-carrying Colloids" has been selected for funding by the Nuclear Energy University Program (NEUP) of DOE.
July 2013: Led by Prof. David Marr and collaborated with Prof. Mike Solomon, our proposal "Fabrication, Crystallization, and Folding of Complex Colloidal Molecules under the Influence of Applied External Fields" has been funded by NASA for the investigation of complex fluids at the International Space Station (ISS). 
July 2013: Collaborated with Prof. David Wu, our proposal "Electric-Field Assembly of Particles via Anisotropic Interactions" has been selected for funding by NSF.