Assistant Professor
Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Colorado School of Mines
Golden, CO 80401-1887

Tel: 303.273.3584
E-mail:  pankavic AT mines DOT edu

Me at the National University of  Singapore (December 2010) during the workshop on Hyperbolic Conservation Laws and Kinetic Equations                                                                                 




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One of my main research interests is the mathematical theory of plasma dynamics. An aurora (above) is a natural light display in high latitude regions, caused by the collision of charged particles from the solar wind (a high energy plasma) with atoms in the thermosphere.
       Teaching Portfolio (Password Protected; .zip file)

        Differential Equations (MATH 225)
        Introduction to Scientific Computing (MATH 307)
        Linear Algebra (MATH 332)
        Capstone: Mathematical and Computational Modeling (MATH 484)
        Linear Vector Spaces (MATH 500)
        ODEs & Dynamical Systems (MATH 510)