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Social media

I'm somewhat active on Twitter and Facebook. I occasionally upload videos to YouTube, and I keep a list of academics-related videos that I think are interesting.

Around the web

  • My talk at the Kavli German-American Frontiers of Science Symposium: VIDEO, 2016
  • My talk to the CSM grad students on what I do: VIDEO, 2015
  • Interviewed in a promo video for Stanford's ICME: VIDEO, 2015
  • My talk at Stanford's Linear Algebra and Optimization Seminar: VIDEO, 2015
  • My talk at SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering: VIDEO, 2015
  • Profiled at Stanford's ICME: ARTICLE, 2015
  • Recognized as ICME VIP at the 2014 10th anniversary: VIDEO, 2014
  • Interviewed in a SIAM video about SIAM resources: VIDEO, 2014
  • Profiled in the DOE Advanced Scientific Computing Research Discovery website: ARTICLE, 2014
  • Blog post on writing for SIAM: ARTICLE, 2014
  • Interviewed in a SIAM video about networking: VIDEO, 2013
  • My talk at East Bay Nerd Nite on supercomputers: VIDEO, 2013
  • My video intro for the Grad Student Orientation at CSM: VIDEO, 2013

Office hours

LocationStratton Hall 217
TimeBy appointment, check my calendar below.