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My research interests fall in the category of uncertainty quantification (UQ), which attempts to formulate and compute measures of confidence for physics and engineering simulations---analogous to confidence measures from physical experiments. In this context, I work on methods for dimension reduction and reduced-order modeling that find cheap and accurate approximations to costly simulations.

Research group

Paul's Group's Photo

Left-to-right: Me (you all know me), Paul Diaz (MS 2016), Zach Grey (Fryrear Fellow), Kerrek Stinson (BS 2016), Andrew Glaws (Fryrear Fellow)


Paul G. Constantine I wrote a book on active subspaces for parameter space dimension reduction. Purchase the book for $39 (SIAM member price $27) from the SIAM bookstore.

Here's a review at Amazon UK by Mark Girolami.

Selected papers

For a complete list of papers, see my Google Scholar profile.

Active subspaces: Theory

Active subspaces: Applications

Reduced-order modeling

Polynomial approximation methods in UQ


I give a lot of talks. I use SpeakerDeck and Prezi to make some of my presentations available. SpeakerDeck takes PDF files, and I usually use Powerpoint for slides. Converting Powerpoint to PDF removes any animations or movies.



Here are some places where I make code available. Links to my respective community profiles in the images.