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Assistant Professor

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 Oct. 15-20, 2017
 Atlanta, Georgia, USA
 AMTA 2017

 Jul. 9-15, 2017
 San Diego, California, USA
 AP-S 2017

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314F Brown Building
Electrical Engineering Department
Colorado School of Mines
1610 Illinois Street
Golden, CO 80401
E-mail: pnayeri at mines dot edu
Phone: (303) 273-3960
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Apr. 2017: Daniel presented his research at GRADS 2017 on April 7. He also successfully defended his MS Thesis on April 12 with the title 'A wireless energy harvesting system with beamforming capabilities'. Congratulations, Daniel!

Mar. 2017: Our article entitled 'Pulse dispersion in phased arrays' was published in International Journal of Antennas and Propagation. In this work, we outline the limitations of phased array antennas arising from their limited instantaneous bandwidth and provide a comparative study of pulse dispersion in phased arrays as a function of beam scanning.

Feb. 2017: We officially announced the Keysight RF and Microwave Industry-Ready Student Certification Program at Colorado School of Mines. Mines students that are awarded this certification demonstrate their achievements in the knowledge and usage of Keysight EESof EDA software and instrumentation and will immediately be able to deliver faster results at a higher level to our industry partners and, ultimately, their employers.

Jan. 2017: Daniel presented his preliminary design for a Smart Wireless Energy Harvester at the National Radio Science Meeting in Boulder, Colorado. Daniel was also awarded a Fellowship Grant from the National Academics in Washington, DC, to attend this conference. Well done Daniel!

Jan. 2017: We presented the results of our investigations into Pulse Dispersion in Phased & Timed Arrays at the National Radio Science Meeting in Boulder, Colorado. In this work, we delineate the system level requirements for wideband communications in antenna arrays.

Dec. 2016: We attended the second EM CO meeting (professors and researchers in Colorado working in Electromagnetics area) at Colorado State University on December 2. The purpose of the EM CO meetings is to gain a better knowledge of what our EM colleagues in CO are doing, and establish new collaborations, research and education initiatives, and many more good things.

Sep. 2016: We presented a paper entitled 'Phased array far field in the time domain' at the International Conference on Electromagnetics in Advanced Applications (ICEAA) in Cairns, Australia.

Jul. 2016: We offered a half-day short course at the IEEE International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation in Fajardo, Puerto Rico entitled 'Reflectarray Antennas: Theory, Designs, and Applications' along with F. Yang and A. Z. Elsherbeni.

Mar. 2016: Our article entitled 'Single-feed quad-beam transmitarray antenna design' with A. H. Abdelrahman, A. Z. Elsherbeni, and F. Yang was published in IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation. In this work we demonstrate the first single-feed quad-beam array lens prototype.