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Welcome! We are always looking for smart, self-motivated, and hard-working students to join our team. The number of openings depends on funding available each year.

PhD position openings: We are currently looking for two PhD students to join our research group in Fall 2020. Broadly, the topics of research are: 1) array processing and smart antennas, and 2) microwave devices and antennas with heterogeneous materials. If you are interested to join us, and would like more information, please send an email to pnayeri@mines.edu. Also, please make sure to read through the general requirements and application process for graduate students joining our group on this page.

Undergraduate students (majoring in EE, CS, AP, or ME) are always welcome in my group. I strongly encourage you to join us early in your education to learn more about the great opportunities RF engineers can experience. No need to have any past experience in electromagnetics. Projects can be something we select together, or of your own preference. Examples include software development for control of RF devices or electronic circuit design for RF systems. Depending on the project, hourly funding may be available.

Graduate Students: Your motivation and passion for research, strong demonstrated capabilities in a field related to current research topics, and willingness to work hard, are the key factors I consider when evaluating the candidates. My goal as your advisor is to provide you with a world-class education in microwave and antenna engineering, and more importantly help you to become independent thinkers and researchers. Different funding opportunities may become available and I will update this page as opportunities come along. The minimum required skills are a BSc or MSc in electrical engineering or applied physics with a high GPA from a reputable university, good basic understanding of microwave circuits or antennas, and familiarity with RF/microwave circuit and EM simulation software. Your work will include combination of theory, design, modeling, experiments, and communicating your findings to others. Success in my group will largely depend on you developing strengths in multiple areas of applied electromagnetics. If you are interested to join my research group, please email me a single .pdf file with your resume, transcripts, research interests, and any other document that you feel will improve your chances. Also, please see the application process for graduate studies at Colorado School of Mines.