I care about my students both professionally and personally. I discuss research with them at least once a week. It is in my best interest to help them build a strong publication record, I will also do my best to help them land a good job. In the mean time, I expect my students to be hard working, dedicated to their study and research, and have a strong desire to improve themselves.


  • Ph.D Students:Yongjian Zhao
  • MS Students: Michael Adkins


  • Na Yu (Ph.D., 2015): QualComm Research
  • Alan Marchiori (Ph.D, 2011): Bucknell University
  • Jesse Weaver (MS, 2015):
  • Marshall Sweatte (MS, 2015): LGS Innovations
  • Nicholas Hubbell (MS, 2010): Lockheed Martin
  • Lilia Paradis (MS, 2007): Microsoft