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Richard L. Christiansen is Associate Professor of Petroleum Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines where he has worked since June of 1990. In 2001, he completed a text Two-Phase Flow in Porous Media (2001) that describes flow of oil, water, and gas through permeable media. The text includes many Visual Basic modules in Excel spreadsheets for demonstrating properties, measurement, and application of relative permeability and capillary pressure. At CSM, he teaches courses in thermodynamics, phase behavior, flow through porous media, reservoir engineering, and enhanced oil recovery at the graduate and undergraduate level. His research is characterized by a healthy mix of experimental and theoretical analysis on mechanics of multi-phase flow in porous media, in wells, and in hydraulically induced fractures; phase behavior of reservoir fluids and solids; and phase behavior and kinetics of formation for natural gas hydrates.

Dr. R.L. Christiansen From 1980 to 1990, Dr. Christiansen worked at the research facility of Marathon Oil Company on enhanced oil recovery with high pressure gases. In 1981, he invented and developed the Rising-Bubble Apparatus for measuring minimum miscibility pressures carbon dioxide and other gases. He was instrumental in the development of a carbon dioxide injection program for the East Yates Field in the Permian Basin of West Texas. He was author and co-author of eight US patents.

Prior to joining Marathon Oil Company in 1980, Dr. Christiansen earned his PhD in chemical engineering under Professor R. Byron Bird at the University of Wisconsin, where he specialized in transport phenomena. His dissertation was titled "An LDA Study of Viscoelastic Flow past a Rotating Cylinder." His BS degree (magna cum laude) in chemical engineering was received from the University of Utah in 1976, with a thesis on fermentation of cellular by-products of activated sewage treatment processes.

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