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"Eschatology is the science of Cause and effect.
The science of God and his creation.
The science of the one and only universal Cause and its universe,
the science of Nature and the forms Nature assumes,
--Me--and my shadow or reflection.
The invisible I or 'us' and its visible objective state."

" Eschatology is a science, not a cult.
The science of Cause and effect.
Years ago I stated it in three lines,
The first line: -Mind is Cause.
The second line: -Thought the chisel.
The third line: -Phenomena, the result."

Quotes: William W. Walter ESCHATOLOGY Foundation.

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This site is only for those who want to know how it all works "spiritually/MENTALLY"!
It is NOT for those who don't want to learn about God, Life, and how they fit into the whole equation!

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