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Research and Other Interests:

(Tibetan Prayer Wheel)

Currently studying about the MIND,
how it WORKS,
and the metaphysical aspect of this can be viewed by CLICKING HERE.

Another interesting site to check for consciousness and metaphysics is: Higher

And if you don't have time to read the Bible, you can click here and get the audio version of both the Old and New Testaments. You do need RealAudio to hear it however.

RealPlayer plays live and on-demand RealAudio and RealVideo. If you need RealAudio, just click

My *Thoughts* page contains my Journal, so please feel free to email me your thoughts on anything I might have written, or you'd like to share!

Click HERE if you'd like to read my book.

Other interests are lifting weights and working out. In other words, EXERCISING. This is very hard to get back into once you've "laid off" for a while... almost twenty years in my case, which was caused by a "lifting" accident, Bummer! and then entering seminary. I look at it like falling off a horse, you get back on, well, I "got back on" a few months ago and I can tell you, it really feels GREAT to be back at it. Of course, recovery time is a little longer and I don't seem to do all that I'd like to do, but I know that it's all working and I feel wonderful. If you're not exercising START, if you are, KEEP IT UP!!!

If you'd like to see where I spend most of my free time, and where I'm going to retire, check out SCOTTSDALE, AZ. There are some interesting links to "vital" statistics and information about Arizona and Scottsdale on the page.

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