Did you ever wonder.....

....why we have such an intense drive toward patriotism, and ethnicity??

Have you ever thought about how very big this planet is that we call home??

Can you see any state lines, or country borders??

(Sorry for the slow loading of the Earth picture! The size IS important for my point.)

When you look back on our home from this perspective, how can we think that we are so important? Are we not all just here to learn from one-another?

And what a blessing, if we can also be a teacher!

And then we have this perspective, from the earth looking at the SUN. Amazing that we're just at the right place, going the right speed, tilted on our axis at the right angle to produce just the right amount of heat, that creates, sustains and perpetuates life. I'm in AWE every day when I wake up and see the SUN, I'm sure if I lived in a previous life I definitely worshiped RA the SUN GOD of Egypt. My favorite time of the year is mid-Spring to late-Summer. If I could find a place on this planet (or any other planet) that had exactly these conditions all year round, I'd move there.

Well as they say in "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures" one of my all time favorite movies, must be a Keanu thing... "Be Excellent To Each Other!"

As you might have guessed, I am studying to become a Minister in the Church of Religious Science. This has been a goal of mine ever since I found a book written by Louise L. Hay, You Can Heal Your Life! Since the first reading of this book my life was changed. Now I'm happy to report that she has become a good friend of mine, as well as many other great and wonderful people, such as Dr. Craig Carter who made his transition some years ago, and Dr. Tom Costa who is a very close friend of mine whom I try to visit at least once a year.

Truly I have been blessed with those people who've come into my life. As an example of this, while "surfing" the internet for one of my classes I discovered a site that is extremely interesting. It seems that it expresses the "thought" of where I'm at in this Universal Here and Everlasting Now! If you'd like to see what I'm referring to, please click here!

Update: June 28, 2007 - So much has happened since I last added to this page that I must let you know that I had become a Religious Science Minister; have worked in a church as a Staff Minister, become a Chaplain and attempted to create a Voluntary Chaplaincy here at MINES, with no luck, so after praying for sometime about it, I have released my Letter of Call and resigned from United Church of Religious Science. In the mean time, I've been studying and applying my Eschatology lessons from the link above and have started making some wonderful observations and healings!

Update: October 17, 2008 - I've decided to let the Ministry rest for awhile while I study Eschatology and apply it to my life.

I've added a "Ronald's Reflections" on-line and you're more than welcome to read my thoughts and current cathartic experiences. Maybe someday, I'll have a Mystical experience and I'll be able to share it with you all. Please feel free to email me at any time to discuss you thoughts and revelations!

If you'd really like to share my experience, start here with checking out my "*BOOK*" that I wrote when I first started studying Religious Science. So much has changed since that time. I love to see how much we evolve in our thinking and philosophies when we stay open to the possibilities that LIFE offers us.

Blessings, LOVE, and Peace,

Ronald G.

"Ronald's Reflections" last updated: October 18, 2008