Shop Safety
    A. Safety glasses are required in the shop at all times - NO EXCEPTIONS!
    B. Closed, full coverage shoes must be worn in the shop - no sandals or flip-flops!
    C. Remove any jewelry before working in the shop; rings, chains, bracelets, etc. - these can become caught in a machine and cause serious injury!
    D. Long hair should be tied back or controlled with a hat!
    E. Sleeves must be rolled above elbows, shirt tails tucked in, and ties removed when running any machinery!
    F. Advise instructor of any medical conditions or medications that could cause fainting, dizziness, etc.!
    G. Remove all chuck keys from the chuck immediately after use - never leave the key in the chuck!
    H. Advise instructor of any machine, hand tool, measuring device, or shop equipment that appears to be defective, out of adjustment, missing guards, etc.
    I. When using any drill press, clamp any work that may spin if the drill grabs or catches the part - this is one of the most dangerous machines in the shop!
    J. There must be at least two people in the shop when any work is being done.
    K. No machine tools are to be operated without permission of the shop instructor or TA. | © 2017 CSM Physics Machine Shop | Site Map