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Reed M. Maxwell
Teaching and Outreach

Teaching and Outreach

Regularly Taught Classes

GEGN/ESGN 582 Integrated Surface Water Hydrology (Fall)

GEGN 351 Geological Fluid Mechanics (Spring)

GEGN 598 Fluid Mechanics for Hydrology (Fall)

GEGN 598 Linking Climate and Hydrologic Models (Spring)
part of the CCWAS IGERT

Local middle school students observing final project presentations by UC Davis and CSM graduate students.


We regularly do outreach at science fairs and local schools. If you are interested in having us deliver content please contact me.

R-Maxwell-OutReach R-Maxwell-OutReach R-Maxwell-OutReach

Reed Maxwell, Ian Ferguson, John Williams and Steve Meyerhoff explaining hydrology, hydrogeology and contaminant transport to K-6 graders at a local elementary math and science night.


Teaching: Previous Academic Years

ESGN 501 Risk Assessment

GEGN 598A Hydrology of the Western United States

GEGN 598a Integrated Surface Water Hydrology Modeling

GEGN 598A Coupled processes and scaling in hydrology

Colorado School of Mines Geology and Geological Engineering
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