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A few pictures from our most recent group outing at Copper Mountain:

Group Members

Martin Menart

Ph.D Student

BS Chemical Engineering, University of Minnesota
MS ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Research Interest: Synthesis, characterization, and application of catalysts for biomass conversion to liquid fuels via gasification routes. My emphasis is on the oligomerization of bio-derived light olefins towards non-aromatic, drop-in liquid fuels for gasoline, diesel, and jet engines.

Mengze Xu

Ph.D Student
BS Polymer Chemistry, University of Science and Technology
of China (USTC)

Research Interest: My research is focused on constructing novel hierarchical zeolitic structures, modifying zeolites for biomass upgrading and generating functional mesoporous materials.
E-mail: mxu@mines.edu 

Sarah Schulda

Ph.D Student

Research Interest: Metal oxides and synchrotron experiments

Sam Gage

Ph.D Student

BS Chemistry & Germanic Studies, Indiana University
MS Applied Chemistry, Clausthal University of Technology

Research Interest: I synthesize supported transition metal carbide and nitride catalysts and study support/catalyst interactions with surface characterization techniques, such as X-Ray photoelectron spectroscopy.

Amy Settle

Ph.D Student

B.S. Chemistry, Colorado Mesa University

Research Interest: Synthesis, characterization, and application of catalysts for biomass conversion; gaining a first-principles understanding of the nature of catalytic active sites and their behavior modifications under reaction conditions.

Postdoctoral Researchers


Chris Cadigan, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Researcher

BS Chemistry, Santa Clara University
MS and Ph.D., Colorado School of Mines

Research Interest: Inorganic synthesis of nanostructured materials (metals, metal oxides, metal nitrides) for use in catalysis, electrocatalysis, batteries, and biofuels. 

E-mail: ccadigan@mines.edu  

Visiting Professors/Scholars

Zhifeng Zheng

Visiting Professor at CSM & NREL

Southwest Forestry University, P.R.China

Research Interest: Catalytic Conversion of Biomass to Biofuels, Biochemicals & Biomaterials; Carbon materials & Catalysts

Jia Zhang

Visiting Scholar

School of Environmental and Chemical Engineering, Shanghei University

Research Interest: Metal oxide catalysts