Tracy Camp

Tracy Camp is currently the Department Head of Computer Science (CS) at Colorado School of Mines (Mines). She joined Colorado School of Mines in 1998 and became a Full Professor in 2007.

Dr. Camp leads the diversity efforts in CS@Mines, strategically implementing activities and improvements in her department. In five years, (1) the percentage of women majoring in CS@Mines increased from 12.7% to 21.8% (a 71.6% increase) and (2) the percentage of students from underrepresented groups majoring in CS@Mines increased from 13.9% to 21.5% (a 54.7% increase). During this five year period, the number of women increased from 29 to 148 (over 5x) and the number of students from underrepresented groups increased from 30 to 146 (almost 5x).

Dr. Camp’s research interests are in the wireless networking area. She is most known for improving the credibility of wireless networking simulation studies. More than 3000 researchers in 86 countries have downloaded at least one of the 12 software packages developed by her research group (as of October 2012) and her research articles have been cited over 13,000 times (per Google Scholar, as of May 2019). Dr. Camp has received over 20 grants from the National Science Foundation, including a prestigious CAREER award. In total, her projects have received over $20 million dollars in external funding.

Dr. Camp is both an ACM Fellow and an IEEE Fellow. She has enjoyed being a Fulbright Scholar in New Zealand (in 2006), a Distinguished Visitor at the University of Bonn in Germany (in 2010), and a keynote presenter at several venues, e.g., at the 7th International Conference on Intelligent Sensors, Sensor Networks and Information Processing in Australia, the 3rd International Conference on Simulation Tools and Techniques in Spain, and the 19th National Conference on Communications held in India.

Dr. Camp shares her life with Max (born in 2000), Emma (born in 2003), her husband (Glen), and two cats. The four humans are vegetarians who tremendously enjoy living in the foothills of the Rockies.