Advanced Water Technology Center

PEOPLE: Research Staff


Dr. Mengistu (Stu) Geza, Research Assistant Professor. Ph.D. Oklahoma State University. Dr.Geza's research focuses on development of process modeling and on the development of decision support tools (DST). His research is funded by NSF/ERC, DOE/RPSEA, and by DOE/NREL.






Dr. Leslie Miller-Robbie, Postdoctoral Associate. Ph.D. University of Colorado, Denver. Dr. Miller-Robbie's research interests are in life cycle assessment (LCA) and techno-economical assessment (TEA) of environmental and engineered processes.





Dr. Johan Vanneste, Postdoctoral Associate. Ph.D. K.U.Leuven, Belgium. Dr.Vanneste's research focuses on the development of a close-loop osmotic heat engine. His research is funded by DOE-ARPA-e.






Dr. Dean Heil, AQWATEC Laboratory Manager. Ph.D. University of California-Berkeley. Dr. Heil manages the analytical laboratories of AQWATEC and supports faculty, research staff and students in conducting center related research. Dr. Heil's research interests are hybrid technologies for desalination and method development for various water constituents.





Mike Veres, AQWATEC Research Associate and Facility Manager. Mr.Veres manages the Mines Park research facility and supports faculty, research staff, and students in conducting center-related research.




Bethany Yaffe, Research Associate. M.S. Colorado School of Mines. Ms. Yaffe works on DOE-funded projects focusing on connecting desalination and water treatment processes and geothermal power plants and resources.






Tani Cath, Research Assistant. Tani assists students and postdocs in the group developing and fabricating their experimental setups. His expertise are in the area of system design and process control.


Estefani Bustos, Research Assistant. AQWATEC laboratory technician. Estefani assists faculty, research staff, and students in conducting chemical analysis of water samples.


Nora Holloway, Research Assistant. Nora is an administrative assistant to the group and help with accounting and technical support.