Civil & Environmental Engineering Department
NSF Hydrologic-Atmospheric Community Workshop

Colorado School of Mines, September 3-5, 2014

Under the direction of NSF program managers, a community workshop was held at the Colorado School of Mines in September, 2014 to motivate and accelerate progress on the integration of hydrometeorological-hydroclimatic-ecohydrological process understanding for improving predictive capabilities, sustainability and resilience to environmental change. The workshop included around 60 researchers, faculty, and students primarily from academia and federal agencies. The outcome of the workshop was a community White Paper that articulates the challenges and opportunities facing integrated hydrological-atmospheric research. The document has been submitted for consideration from the community to program managers of the Hydrological Sciences and Physical and Dynamical Meteorology programs at the National Science Foundation (NSF). Our goal is to provide scientific community input to NSF program managers as they formulate joint funding opportunities for research. The workshop included 3 plenary sessions with keynote speakers as well as extensive panel and community discussion and writing. Based on the original proposal to NSF, the sessions was organized around 3 main topics: 1) Scientific Process Challenges, 2) Observational Challenges, and 3) Modeling Challenges.