Civil & Environmental Engineering Department
Hogue Research Group, Hydrology & Water Resources Engineering Hydrology & Water Resources Engineering
Terri Hogue Terri S. Hogue, PhD

Laura Read Laura Read
Research: Statistical hydrology, risk and planning for water resources; socio-hydrology
Bryant Reyes Bryant Reyes
Research: Urban hydrology; groundwater-surface water interactions; hydrologic modeling
PhD Candidate

Kyle Knipper Kyle Knipper
Research: Hydrologic modeling; remote sensing; operational forecasting
Kim Manago Kim Manago
Research: Urban hydrology; water consumption; remote sensing; statistical modeling
Ashley Rust Ashley Rust
Research: Post-fire effects on hydrology, water quality, integrated ecosystems, fish ecology, and macroinvertebrate populations and habitats
Christopher Ruybal Christopher Ruybal
Research: Groundwater modeling; water resources related to unconventional energy production
ConocoPhillips WE2ST Graduate Fellow
Kim Slinski Kim Slinski
Research: Bark beetle and fire impacts on watershed hydrology
Melissa Valentin Melissa Valentin
Research: Modeling the effects of climate change and forest disturbance on hydrology and terrestrial carbon flux
Adam Backsmeier Adam Backsmeier
Research: Wildland fire impacts on erosion and water temperature
Ryan Edgley Ryan Edgley
Research: Modeling flow, metal loads and Best Management Practices (BMPs) in the Los Angeles River Basin to meet regional Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs)
Ryan Logan Ryan Logan
Research: Post-fire hydrologic response; watershed modeling
Chelsea Panos Chelsea Panos
Research: Urban hydrology; land use change; stormwater modeling in Denver, Colorado
Samuel Saxe Samuel Saxe
Research: Spatial variability in post-fire watershed system response
Jessica Shirley Jessica Shirley
Research: Post-fire treatment; remote sensing
Ella Walker Ella Walker
Research: Hydraulic fracturing; water budgeting
ConocoPhillips WE2ST Graduate Fellow
Aspen Anderson Aspen Anderson
Research: Unconventional energy development effects on regional hydrology
ConocoPhillips WE2ST Undergraduate Scholar
Flannery Dolan Flannery Dolan
Research: Wildfire effects on water quality in the western U.S.
Micaela Pedrazas Micaela Pedrazas
Research: Unconventional energy development effects on groundwater resources
ConocoPhillips WE2ST Undergraduate Scholar
Katie Radavich Katie Radavich
Research Associate
Jackie Randell Jackie Randell
Administrative Assistant,
Conoco Phillips WE2ST Center
Janet Barco, PhD Assitant Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Medellin, Colombia PostDoc
Megan Burke, PhD RESPEC Consulting and Services, SD PhD
Minxue (Kevin) He, PhD Research Scientist, California Department of Water Resources, CA PhD
Helen Jung (Kong), PhD Associate Dean and Associate Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, California Baptist University, CA PhD
Jongyoun Kim, PhD California Department of Water Resources, CA MS, PhD, PostDoc
Alicia Kinoshita, PhD Assistant Professor, San Diego State University, CA BS, MS, PhD, PostDoc
Sonya Lopez, PhD Assistant Proessor, California State University Los Angeles, CA PhD
Caroline Mini, PhD Engineer, Polyconseil Consulting, France PhD
Barik Muhammad, PhD Research Scientist, Washington State Water Resources Center, WA PhD
Pouya Vahmani, PhD Post-Doctoral Scholar, University of Southern California, CA PhD
Andrew Beck, MS Senior Water Resources Engineer, Matrix Consulting, CO MS
Chris Carandang, MS Engineer, Paradigm Environmental, CA MS
Kristina Cydzik, MS Engineer, Engineering Systems Inc., CA MS
Brandon Hale, MS Engineer I, Water, AECOM MS
David Moering, MS Environmental Engineer, RMC Water and Environment, CA MS
Michael Weil, MS Water Resources Engineer, State of California Department of Water Resources Division of Integrated Regional Water Management, CA MS
Chris Wessel, MS Engineer, Geosyntec Consultants, CA MS
Tristan Acob, MS Environmental Protection Specialist, Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, CO MS Non-Thesis
Audrey Lee, MS Engineer, KPFF Consulting Engineers MS Non-Thesis
Sharon Liu, MS Assistant Water Resources Designer, Rick Engineering, CA MS Non-Thesis