PHGN 505 - Classical Mechanics

Spring 2011

Catalog Data: PHGN505: Classical Mechanics I (I). Review of Langrangian and
Hamiltonian formulations in the dynamics of particles and rigid bodies; kinetic theory, coupled oscillations and continuum mechanics; fluid mechanics.

Textbook: A.L. Fetter and J.D. Walecka, "Theoretical Mechanics of Particles and Continua", McGraw-Hill (1980).

Tim R. Ohno, Associate Professor of Physics
Office MH444, labs MH175 & 163
Office phone x3847, home 303-277-9459

cell phone 303-594-8349 (not always on)
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Eric Mayotte, grader

Meyer 264

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  1. Understand the fundamental concepts of the Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formulations of classical mechanics. Develop background for, and applications of, their extensions to other sub-fields of physics, e.g., quantum mechanics and statistical mechanics.
  2. Master the mathematical techniques of classical mechanics.
  3. Develop skills in: Problem-oriented, structured thinking, Problem solving and communications

Particle Mechanics
a. Newton's laws - 1 class
b. System of particles and Central forces - 2 classes
c. Accelerated systems - 1 class
d. Variational methods and Lagrange's equations- 4 classes
e. Normal modes of vibration; small oscillations - 2 classes
f. Rigid bodies; Euler's equations - 4 classes
g. Hamiltonian theory - 4 classes

Continuum mechanics
a. loaded string, continuum limit, Green's function - 3 classes
b. Strain, strain rate, Reynold's transport theorem - 2 classes
c. Stress Strain Elasticity- 2 class
d. Sound waves, fluids- 2 classes
e. Viscous fluids - 1 class


Handouts in Class

Syllabus Newton's Law

Homework (45%) due Thursday at start of class  
Exams: Midterm - 15% Final - 20%  
Paper (20%)  
Alaswad, Abdulaziz Three Body Problems Browne, Ryan Noether's Theorem
Bundgaard, Jeremy Solitons Duke, Dana Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
Dvorak, Marc Louiville Theorem Emmons, Matt Quadrupole Dynamics
Guan, Tianyuan Three Body problems Hinnegan, Sarah Shock Waves
Lochner, Bob Heat Conduction Mahl, Adam Relativity
Meier, Amanda Navier-Stokes Equation Shields, Dan Nuclear Fuel Rods
Speirs, Caleb Raindrops