CSCI 507 / EENG 507 - HW0

Quick Reference

  • Due date: Monday, August 28th by the beginning of class.
  • Submission: Submission must be made on Canvas
  • Format: Your submission must be in PDF format

1 Short Bio

I would like to learn everyone’s name and interests. Please write a short description of yourself, including your interests and what you hope to get out of the course. Also please include an image of yourself in the file, with a clear view of your face. Be creative! Convert your file to a pdf file, and upload it to Canvas.

2 Piazza Post

Sign up for our class on Piazza at http://piazza.com/mines/fall2018/fall2018csci507a. Then post a short note introducing yourself to your classmates, with an interesting fact or two about yourself.

About Piazza

Piazza is an online web forum that allows anyone to ask a question and for anyone to contribute a response. Many times other students will have the same question that you have or they will have a problem you previously had. This forum is useful for receiving quick responses and multiple solutions.

When a new question appears, the instructor will allow time for student responses. You are encouraged to help your fellow students. The instructor will then mark an existing response as correct or provide a hint in the right direction after a brief time as passed. It is possible to post anonymous questions or send private messages to the instructor.

Please see the syllabus regarding Piazza course policies.