CSCI 507 / EENG 507 - HW3

Quick Reference

  • Due date: Monday, October 9th by the beginning of class.
  • Submission: Submission must be made on Canvas
  • Format: Your submission will consist of two files: (1) a matlab or C++ file (or tar/zip/archive of code), and (2) a PDF file. Please upload these as two seperate files – do not group both code and report into the same tar/zip/archive.

1 Questions

The video “fiveCCC.wmv” on the course website (http://inside.mines.edu/~twilliams/courses/CV-507/fiveCCC.wmv) shows a target composed of five concentric contrasting circle (CCC) features. The dimensions of the target (in inches) are shown in the figure below. The origin of the target’s coordinate system is in the middle of the rectangle, with its x-axis pointing to the right, its y-axis pointing down, and its z-axis pointing into the page.


  1. Read and display each image of the video, and print the frame number on the displayed image.
  2. Write a program (MATLAB or OpenCV – your choice!) that finds the five CCCs in each image, and also finds the correspondence between the image features and the model features.
  3. Find a picture that you like and map it onto the target plane in each image, using a homography (projective transform). The picture should look like it is attached to the plane of the target.
  4. Find the pose of the target with respect to the camera in each frame of the video. Draw the XYZ coordinate axes of the target as an overlay on the image, and also print the pose values on the image.
  5. Create an output video of your results, and post it to youtube.

Use the following values for the camera intrinsic parameters: focal length = 531 (in pixels), image center (x,y in pixels) = (320, 240).

An example output image is shown below. I used an image of a dollar bill; you should use something else.


Turn in:

  1. Your MATLAB or C++ program listing, with comments.
  2. A PDF file containing a description of your solution and a link to your video.