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Prof. Uwe Greife's group at the Colorado School of Mines is part of the Subatomic Physics group in the Physics Department. Currently the research group is pursuing the following three activity streams:

1) Nuclear astrophysics with radioactive ion beams (RIB): we are performing RIB experiments, predominantly radiative capture in inverse kinematics, at the facilities of TRIUMF (ISAC, DRAGON) and NSCL/FRIB. The reactions pursued are usually relevant to nucleosynthesis on the proton rich side of the chart of nuclides.

2) Neutron induced reactions relevant to nuclear energy and non-proliferation issues: we are developing experimental equipment (time projection chamber and dual arm spectrometer) and approaches for precision measurements of fission cross sections and fragment distributions as well as for neutron scattering experiments. These activities are using the LANSCE neutron beam facilities of LANL.

3) Our group has teamed up with research groups in chemistry and chemical engineering to develop the next generation of gamma and neutron sensitive organic scintillators. prototypes are tested with our own laboratory sources and at the WNR beam lines of the LANSCE facility.

4) Nuclear diagnostic development for the National Ignition Facility (NIF): the uniqueness of the time structure as well as energy/density conditions in the nuclear burn of ignition experiments at NIF requires creative approaches to the diagnostics characterizing variables and outcomes. Our group is involved with the development of a Cherenkov detecor for gamma flash detection, neutron time of flight experiments as well as evaluations of catcher geometries and materials for radiochemical analysis of the burn debris.

The uniting element in all our efforts is instrument development, which we try to apply to all fields where our involvement is beneficial. A strong component at our state university is naturally dedicated to education through the involvement of undergraduate and graduate students in the research enterprise.


Please send comments and questions to: ugreife@mines.edu
Last modified: 11/28/2013