COURSE:  MNGN 407            

  SEMESTER: Fall 2006                              CREDITS: 3.0 HOURS




       Instructor    Dr. Vilem PETR                                                Teaching assistant:    William     

           Office Hours: Tuesday  6:00 to 7:00 PM or  by appointment, room BB 142                            Office Hours:   Any time    as needed basis  



Class time and Location:  The class will meet on Tuesday from  (will be determine) in Brown Building room 125    7:00 PM to 9:45 PM




                                    This course gives students in engineering or applied science an introduction to drilling and blasting for rock fragmentation.  Theory and application of rock drilling: principles of rock penetration, rock-bit interactions, specific energy, prediction of penetration rate,  types of drilling and drill-bits, machine selection. Theory of rock fragmentation by explosives as well as theory of  of crushing and grinding . Design of blast for surface and underground excavation will be discussed with specific interest  in fragmentation optimization and environmental effect control.   Will have one guest speakers.

Text Book:     ( Drilling and Blasting of Rock by: Carlos Lopez Jimeno. Emilio Lopez Jimeno and Franciso Javier Ayala Carcedo, Geomining Technological Institute of Spain, 1995 )

Reference Book:    Rock Blasting and Explosives Engineering  by: Per-Anders Persson, R. Holmberg & J. Lee,  CRC Press, 1994

Syllabus:    Topics as presented in the text book

Course Structure and Grading:

        Regular class attendance and timely completion of assigned homework is required.  Homework is assigned on covered material basis.  Reading assignments shown on the class schedule should be completed before each class. 

EXAM @ 20% each (max. 2exams including midterm) 35%
Final Presentation and Oral Exam 25%
Homework, Short Quizzes 45%

Course  Grading will be as Follows:

Grade of A 90 - 100%
Grade of B 80 - 89%
Grade of C 70 - 79%
Grade of D 60 -69%
Grade of F < 60%

Homework /Quizzes, Projects  and Presentation:

Mine/Quarry Trip reports(1or 2) , Quizzes( on beginning of the each lecture) , Group projects with final report and presentations (PowerPoint presentation 20 -30 minutes) All homework  are to be presented on blank side of regular E-2 paper and are to be submitted at the beginning of the class period.  Since calculations are normally permanent records which may be reviewed by other, it is important that they be neat and arranged in orderly fashion so that each step in the computation can be readily followed.

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