Vilem Petr

  Research Interests

Rock mechanics, soil mechanics, underground contraction, drilling and blasting, ground vibration control, explosive science, shock wave physics, detonation physics, cratering, demolition,  and blasting in the deep space .

The introduction of explosive technology to the mining industry initiated the industrial revolution around the World.  The technological revolution brought new advanced technologies for the improvement of initiation systems, drilling processes, loading equipments, blasting technologies, crushing, milling processes as well as better control with environmental side effects such as; vibration, air blast, and fly rock, and reduce the use of energy during mining processes.

I am fortunate that the Mining Engineering Department at the Colorado School of Mines has allowed me to establish an Explosive Engineering course.   Students are introduced to classical mining methods in drilling and blasting, as well as, new technologies and numerical tools for control of fragmentation, blasting parameters, explosives science, detonation theory, shock wave physics and ground vibration analyses. 

I am very interested in providing our undergraduate and graduate students, the highest level of professional and academic research support, as well as helping them to master the new technological tools that the mining, construction, and defense industries are using today.  My personal research interest is to share my expertise with enthusiastic and bright students who have chosen Colorado School of Mines their educational choice.

New nondestructive testing method  known as Impulse Response Test  (IRT) used to evaluate the rock properties and stability after blasting  in underground hard rock mines.  The IRT method is a fast nondestructive , stress wave test, used to evaluate structural components of the drift or headings. Some of the new findings are presented. 


 The test results link

International Society of Explosives Engineers twenty-sixth annual conference in Anaheim, California USA, at February 13-16, 2000  Conference Presentation