EENG 383 - Microcomputer Architecture and Interfacing

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Semester:  Fall 2015

Course description

Microprocessor and microcontroller architecture focusing on hardware structures and elementary machine and assembly language programming skills essential for use of microprocessors in data acquisition, control, and instrumentation systems. Analog and digital signal conditioning, communication, and processing. A/D and D/A converters for microprocessors. RS232 and other communication standards. Laboratory study and evaluation of microcomputer system; design and implementation of interfacing projects. Prerequisite: EENG284 or consent of instructor. 3 hours lecture; 3 hours lab; 4 semester hours.


Associate Professor William Hoff
Room BB314H (Brown Hall) 
Phone: (303) 273-3761 
Home page: 
Office hours: M 2-4, W 2-3 or by appointment  
Course grader:  Chris Rice
Lab instructors:
Section A (Thursdays 8-11):  Keith Nygaard, Alok Sarwal
Section B (Thursdays 11-2):  Ross Bunker, Alok Sarwal
Section C (Thursdays 2-5):  Richard Uhrie, Alok Sarwal


 Schedule Information

The lecture is held in AH134 on MWF 1-2 pm (starting on 9/16/15 we will meet in BB W250 instead).   Lab is held in BB305 on Thursdays.
Exam 1:  Monday October 5, 2015
Exam 2:  Friday November 20, 2015
There is no final exam.

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