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CSCI 510/EENG 510 - Image and Multidimensional Signal Processing

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Semester:  Fall 2015

Course description

This course provides the student with the theoretical background to allow them to apply state of the art image and multi-dimensional signal processing techniques. The course teaches students to solve practical problems involving the processing of multidimensional data such as imagery, video sequences, and volumetric data. The types of problems students are expected to solve are automated mensuration from multidimensional data, and the restoration, reconstruction, or compression of multidimensional data. The tools used in solving these problems include a variety of feature extraction methods, filtering techniques, segmentation techniques, and transform methods.  Students will use the techniques covered in the course to solve practical problems in projects.  3 hours lecture; 3 semester hours.


Associate Professor William Hoff
Room BB314H (Brown Hall) 
Phone: (303) 273-3761 
Email: whoff@mines.edu  
Home page:  http://inside.mines.edu/~whoff/ 
Office hours: M 2-4, W 2-3 or by appointment  

 Required text

Digital Image Processing, 3nd ed,, by Gonzalez and Woods, Prentice Hall, 2008.
Book website is http://www.imageprocessingplace.com.  

 Schedule Information

The lecture is held in BB316A on MW 4:30-5:45 pm.  

Midterm exam:         Monday, October 12, 2015
There is no final exam.