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CSCI 510/EENG 510 - Homework

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Semester:  Fall 2015

Homework is due at the beginning of class on the date due.  You are allowed to seek or give help to other students on homework problem sets.  However, unless I instruct otherwise, you must actually work through each problem yourself and hand in your own work. Direct copying is unacceptable.

Date due Problem Set Solutions Data or other files needed
-- HW0 HW0solns  
9/7/15 HW1 HW1solns  
9/21/15 HW2 HW2solns textsample.tif
10/7/15 HW3 HW3solns eye-hand.png, Particles.jpg
10/26/15 HW4 HW4solns diamond.tif, iceberg.tif
11/9/15 HW5 HW5solns  
11/23/15 HW6 HW6solns